Alpha Quality Certification

Company profile

Trainings for owners, executives and line managers ✦ Organization and management support

Strategic planning of business development ✦ Diagnostics and improvement of business efficiency 


The management is a key company resource and its efficiency determines the correct and efficient planning and using of material, human and other resources. “Alpha Quality” has been created with the mission to spread the ideas of the new management, as well as to give impetus to and support the ambitious managers and owners in the application of effective systems and methods, for reinforcing the management resources of their companies.


We achieve our mission by providing various training, which are useful, high-quality and directly aimed at improvement of business efficiency.


Trainings. Since 1990 we have trained more than 9700 managers and specialists from 4500 companiesand in the onsite trainings about 2400 top and middle managers

Diagnostics. We have performed diagnostics of management systems in 48 companies with 117 plants – organizational diagnostic, complete with finding and recommendations for urgent and middle term changes, as well as modernizations in the management structures and technologies.

Organizational projects. We have performed 400 organizational projects at 250 companies, mainly in such functions of the management, which need radical revision or were built-up from scratch – strategic plans, product and market company profiles, company policies, innovation marketing, management systems engineering, human capital development and many others.

Our most popular training services. This is not the full range of trainings, being offered, but the most frequently asked for are:

  • training seminars for company owners and top-managers;
  • training seminars for internal auditors and managers of standardized systems;
  • training seminars on Lean Manufacturing – Value Stream Mapping (VSM), One Element Flow, Continuous Flow, Sequenced Series, Inverse Planning, Just in Time (JIT), Heijunka, Kanban, Single-Minute Exchange of Die (SMED), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), ”5 S” System, Kai Zen, Daily Management (DM) and others;
  • training seminars on TQM – Management by Quality, RCA – Root Cause Analysis,

SPC – Statistical Process Control, QCA – Quality Cost Analysis, etc.;

  • “on the spot” trainings in basic and high management;
  • “brush-up” seminars for internal auditors and “process owners”;
  • specialized training for perfection of business and communication skills;
  • long-term company programs for training of top and middle managers.

Training services for internal auditors of management systems

We offer public trainings as well as trainings “on site” for internal auditors and managers of:

  • quality management systems – ISO 9001:2015;
  • environmental management systems – ISO 14001:2015;
  • occupational health and safety systems – BS OHSAS 18001:2007;
  • food safety management systems – ISO 22000:2005;
  • systems based on International food standard – IFS Food, version 6; IFS Logistic;
  • eco-certification of hotels according to the “Eco Hotel” and “Green Globe” models;
  • European certification of SPA-hotels, SPA-villages and SPA-destinations;
  • information security management systems – ISO/IEC 27001:2013;
  • information technology service management systems – ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011;
  • supply chain security management systems – ISO 28000:2007;
  • risks for business management systems – ISO 31000:2011;
  • energy efficiency management systems – ISO 50001:2011;
  • social accountability management systems – SA 8000:2014;
  • quality systems for supplier of the automotive sector – IATF 16949:2016;
  • quality systems for producers of medical devices – ISO 13485:2016;
  • production inspection systems for building materials – CE-marking authorization;
  • and other standards upon request.

Executives and functional managers support

  • complete organizational diagnostics of company management systems;
  • strategic analysis, development strategies and strategic planning;
  • analysis and update or revision of a product and market profile of a company;
  • development and operationalization of company policies;
  • implementation of different instruments and models of Lean Manufacturing (Continuous Flow, JIT, SMED, TPM, 5S, Kai Zen, Daily Management and others);
  • organizational design of the company function and structure as “Marketing”, “Innovation”, “Logistics”, “Sales”, “Personnel” and others.

Additional experience. Besides dealing with clients we maintain active dialog with more than 500 companies from different branches. The main subject of the dialog being the problems of the business and the management, as well as the successful or unsuccessful approaches and practices for solution. 

The contact with the world of management helps us to be realistic trainers.


Our trainers are real managers from different business sectors. With “factory-floor” and organizational experience, they have pragmatic sense for realism. They can train wisely and with focus on results. Every one of them uses the collective company knowledge and experience, accumulated throughout the years.


Target clients: Companies with owners and executives who consider management as a key business resource. Companies, changing their management model. Companies, needing to adapt their management models to the Bulgarian realities. Small companies, having grown-up and searching a balance between the strong organizational order and the human ambience.

Branches: in industry – military, mechanical, electrical, electronics, plastics and tools for them, polymer and paper packing, textile, clothes, building materials, construction and foods; in engineering – large scale technological reconstructions and modernizations; in services – wholesale of industrial goods, tourism, information technologies, administration.

Market position: We have steady and growing share in the national market. This is due to the continuous innovation of training, the strict commitment to contractual terms and the sharpened sensitivity to the real and potential client needs and expectations.


Autonomy: Our company has at its disposal its own resources (personnel, working knowledge and working know-how), has its own “production” models and its own management system.

Independence: We are independent company and do not depend on persons, whose interests could harm the client.

Innovation: We purposefully seek, assimilate and develop innovation. We provide new trainings and  in various business areas. This is our own and original intellectual product, carefully conceived in critical evaluation of national and international experience, successfully grown, and bearing all challenges of present-day realities.


Competence: We do not offer trainings in such areas of management, which we have not mastered yet deeply enough – either theoretically or as real practical experience.

Punctuality: We strictly observe all conditions and relations of the contract with the Client and particularly those, related to the terms or to the applicable quality of the planned results.

Commitment: We follow the stability and the development of the results from our work and we are always at Client’s disposal, for years after the formal completion of the Contract.